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4 dresses to wear this July

4 dresses to wear this July

4 dresses to wear this July

4 dresses to wear this July

Hello my dears and welcome back to the StyleSearch weekly blog!

Do you want lightness and style? Last time we talked about midi dresses, but if you are a dress lover and want to know more you are in the right place, because today I have selected for you 4 dresses for women that you can show off this summer, July heat-proof!

Summer dresses in linen, crochet and cotton are just what you need for your perfect looks for the hot season. The materials, as you may have understood, must be ultra fresh, and the design also plays a fundamental role. But let's not waste any more time, happy shopping!

Light fabrics dresses

When it comes to dresses for women, if you don’t know which one to buy for this summer, the first thing you’ll have to consider is the material. For example, you don't want to walk around in July in a velvet dress!

The most comfortable and fresh materials for summer dresses are cotton, linen, silk, satin: with these fabrics you will thank me at the end of the evening. Also, I think these kinds of dresses are not only comfortable, but extremely versatile.

You can show them off with a pair of heels or an elegant sandal at a dinner or party, or you can choose to wear these dresses with espadrilles, like Fleur, or any type of flat shoes, like those worn by Daphne. Personally, I would go with flats too.

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Crochet dresses

Once crochet was the favorite hobby of all the grandmothers of the world: they could do everything with it, from blankets, to hats and dresses. With the lockdown, this sewing technique is back in fashion. Crochet garments, especially dresses, are a real must-have of the summer season: they are cool, comfortable, light, and super colorful.

Today crochet is no longer just a hobby for ladies, but has been imitated by the most important fashion maisons and worn by the most famous influencers.

The must-have version for this season? The total white crochet dress, perfect both for a seaside look during the day and for a dinner on the beach; the mini dress worn by Nicole is exactly what i’m talking about. If you like colorful dresses you can't go for the classic crochet print with flowers.

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One shoulder dresses

Asymmetrical cuts have never been more popular than in 2022, especially one shoulder dresses for women. During this year's Fashion Weeks there were plenty of single-shoulder styles on the streets, proving this detail is the favorite of all women in fashion, even more than off the shoulder dresses.

One-shoulder mini summer dresses are many and very colorful, like the one Nikki wears, isn't she lovely and romantic? The nice thing about one-shoulder dresses is that they are very versatile: they can be both informal and elegant, with the right cut, like Lisa's maxi dress, really perfect for any occasion, with the right accessories I could also use it as a pajama!

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Slit dresses

For a more daring look, I recommend slit dresses. Whether they are long, midi or mini, the important thing is that you are not shy to show your beautiful and tanned legs!

We are talking about a more elegant type of dress, which you can use for parties or special events this summer. One thing everybody agrees on is that wearing slit dresses for women is a real treat, they are so airy and fresh.

One of the models I love most is definitely the satin dress, extremely feminine and soft. Can we stop and appreciate Katia's neon green dress? One of the most popular colors of 2022. Not to mention the elegance and delicacy of Summer's look, also with heels and a bag in neon green.

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